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Alltough this is the swedish site, we will have this page in english only, because thats our main language here when we are working, so you should be able to read this.

The year at Daniels Frukt starts in January with packing apples until about March-April.


In the meantime we start pruning the trees in February, after that comes planting new trees and replacing dead or damaged trees.

After the planting comes also other work with taking care of the orchards, like putting up feromone strips on the trees, weed control, cleaning cottages, beekeeping, spraying the trees with tractor, and more. 

In June we usually have a few weeks vacation for everyone, and July we start thinning apples from the trees and general maintenance in the gardens, such as weed control and preparing everything for the busy harvesting period.

Middle of August we need additional workers for the early varieties, so if you want to come and pick apples there are 2 choices when applying for the picking fruits work.

Either from middle of August until end of October, or from middle of September when most of the fruits should be picked, until end of October. 

Everyone that apply for the picking work need to stay until the end of picking, end of October! 

Right now we are looking especially for people that have good skills and experience for the following work:

  1. Spraying orchards with tractor, in your application write the following:

    • Tractor driving

      • Write what model tractors​ you have driven, estimated hours, what work you have done with tractors and any other related information.

      • References from the employer where you have worked with tractors, or a phone number so we can get in touch with them.

    • If you have general knowledge about fruit growing, or have worked in fruit orchards before, write where and when.  

    • You need to be very responsible, and not have a problem working late in the evening and be available on short notice.

    • If you have a spraying certificate it´s a big plus, otherwise it can be arranged here

This work is not just spraying. You will spend most of the time doing the work described on this page. (Unless you don´t want full time work, which is of course possible!) 

Spraying season is mostly between April and October.

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